I have the authority to allow access to GUARD members and affiliated personal to come into this location for investigating possible paranormal occurrences and conducting field research. The investigation process has been explained to me and I am giving GUARD permission to conduct one at this location. GUARD releases the owner of the location from any liability that may occur from injuries, including death to our investigator or damages to GUARD equipment during the investigation. GUARD assumes responsibility for any damages to the property during the investigation if GUARD is found neglect in their actions. By typing or signing my name and answering yes, I grant GUARD access using the terms listed above.

GUARD. Respects your right to privacy. All your personal information will be kept confidential if requested. GUARD. Would like to use some or all the information and evidence collected during the investigation for possible inclusion in our website, newsletter and other future media considerations. Please circle YES for the level of confidentiality you would like to request from GUARD or circle or check if appropriate:

If you have any questions you may also email us at [email protected]  we at GUARD agree to your request.

I have read and understood this form before giving permission to GUARD or before typing my name below. The typing of my name is the same as my signature, and once typed become a binding agreement with GUARD. I do have the right to cancel any investigation by notifying GUARD in writing or by phone within 5 days before the investigation date.

I have the authority to allow access to GUARD members.

*GUARD. May not release any part of the investigation to the public without my permission first. (YES)


*GUARD May release the information if the identity of witnesses and clients are changed and the exact address of the location is excluded. (YES)


*GUARD. May release part of the information and evidence collected during this investigation without my permission our contacting me first. (YES)


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DATE: _________________________________________________________________________

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